I will post links of interest to those with an interest with a literary bent of mind. Links will include author sites, other blogs and anything else I find worth sharing.


Ten Things About Rough Drafts… another article with some interesting points.

Top 12 Mistakes of Amateur Writers  is an interesting article that identifies things that could really derail your storytelling.

Advice from Famous Writers is an article on Brainpickings. Seems like a good article and with diverse enough advice that any writer should find something to suit his or her style.

A Backwards Story or abackwardsstory if you want to get technical is a great blog with lots of reviews on mostly YA books.

National Writing Month is a website promoting a sort of online writing event. You sign up and write your novel in a month. You can track your progress, get advice, and you’ll be in good company. There is a long list of participants who had their novels published. Even if you don’t get published, it’s a good place to begin writing.

The Story Starter is a fun place to begin. The website is actually a random generator of first lines for a story. I’ve been doing a thing like this myself for years by using random sentences or song lyrics as a starting point. This takes the pressure off when considering the dreaded First Sentence. You know the one I mean. (If you don’t check out my review of The Name of the Wind by Patrick Rothfuss. I go on and on about it there.

The Dialectizer  and Whoohoo are fun little websites. They work like most translation sites, but instead of translating to a language they translate to a dialect.  The Dialectizer will even translate an entire website to a dialect of your choice.


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