Time Travel Book Review

Hello all!

Summer is one of my favorite times to read. Even when I’m not on vacation, it seems I’m more relaxed and ready to crack open a new book. Yes, I’ve updated my book reviews. Check out my review of Time Shards on the Book Review page. I’m trying to read more these days so watch this space for more updates soon.


Book Review! The Dispatcher by John Scalzi


I’ve posted a new book review for The Dispatcher by John Scalzi! I love reading his books, and I intend to read more in the immediate future. It’s part mystery and part SF thriller. Short, this one qualifies as a novella, but the quality of the writing and the full page illustrations make it worth the read. Check out my review.

New Book Review

Hi all, I’m sorry for the delay. I’ve got a new book review posted. It’s on the new book by Jennifer Donnelly. It’s a tie in to the Beauty and The Beast films and a fun read for kids. Check it out on the Book Reviews page. I’m reading several books right now. I like to read several things at once. Whatever I finish first, I’ll be reviewing here. I’m also planning to update the Links page. Keep reading!